PregO Maternity strapless mini style swimsuit - XS & Large

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Whoa, cool. All your non-preggo friends are going to be jealous, because we only have this pattern in maternity. It's almost worth getting pregnant just to buy this... if it only weren't for those nasty college tuition bills you'll have to pay. But if you already are expecting, this super-cool strapless mini evokes the past and the future. Is it from the 1960s, or the 2050s? Either way, it's, well... cool!

  • 85% poly/15% lycra
  • hand-wash cold
  • Made in USA
  • Solid strapless suit w/bra cups and detachable strap
  • Under the belly bottoms

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      Pregnant customers should go by their pre-pregnancy size, unless their first trimester was a big one, weight-wise. You may have changed dress sizes before you started to show. Each manufacturer, however, has their own quirks. The best way to get the right fit is to know your current numerical dress size, then just apply it to the size chart we have for each item and voila!

      The size chart for each item is shown when you pull down the size menu.

      The trickiest thing is how to figure out your bra size.  Here's a helpful video from Bravado Designs: