Bravado "Elegant Embrace" Nursing Softcup Bra

Size Guide

Discontinued, limited sizing

The Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra is the most comfortable, supportive, yet lightweight bra that you will ever wear while pregnant or nursing. Now in a beautiful lace! Proprietary DynatexTM fabric combines the soft, breathability of cotton against moms skin, with the luxury of lace, all in one. Lovely floral lace is flat, making it perfect to wear under the lightest of fabrics. Seamless and wire-free for moms ultimate comfort, the Elegant Embrace provides generous support. Natural cup shape and low V-neck styling make wearing any top and neckline easy. Full drop away bra cup - important for skin to skin contact. Complimentary bra extender included. Proprietary easy open and close clips.

  • 42% Cotton; 24% Polyester; 19% Spandex/Elastane; 15% Nylon
  • Proprietary DynatexTM fabric is soft and breathable
  • Floral lace is flat, making it perfect to wear under the lightest of fabrics
  • Seamless and wire-free
  • Full drop away bra cup for skin to skin contact
  • Proprietary easy open and close clips

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Pregnant customers should go by their pre-pregnancy size, unless their first trimester was a big one, weight-wise. You may have changed dress sizes before you started to show. Each manufacturer, however, has their own quirks. The best way to get the right fit is to know your current numerical dress size, then just apply it to the size chart we have for each item and voila!

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The trickiest thing is how to figure out your bra size.  Here's a helpful video from Bravado Designs: