Belly Bandit Women's Standard Belly Shield - L-XL

$ 29.95 $ 30.00

Belly Bandit’s Belly Shield helps protect and restore your belly. Used in combination with your favorite stretch mark creams and oils, our WonderWeave material allows your skin to soak in moisture while breathing and retaining nourishment. Wear your Belly Bandit Belly Wrap* over the Shield to help tighten and shrink your belly, waist, and hips while minimizing stretch marks and hydrating your skin! As an added layer of protection on your C-section incision, wear Belly Shield under your clothes to avoid abrasive rubbing or chaffing. *Belly Wrap not included.

  • C-SECTION PROTECTION - For you C-section momma’s, add an extra layer of protection over your incision with this form-fitting belly shield.
  • WONDERWEAVE - Belly Bandit’s proprietary WonderWeave material enables you to apply stretch mark creams and oils without making a mess. The wondrous fabric keeps creams on your skin for absorption and off your clothes.
  • NO CHAFING - One of the most irritating and painful problems pregnant women and new mothers face is chafing as their bodies change. Belly Shield protects you from abrasive rubbing while still allowing you to moisturize.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Made from 82%Polyamide and 18%Elastane, you can toss the Belly Shield in the wash and keep your Belly Wrap cleaner for longer!
  • PAIR WITH BELLY WRAP - Our Belly Shield fits perfectly underneath our post-pregnancy Belly Wrap, making a great combination of extra comfort and support.