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Bump Support® Leggings

 You multitask. Shouldn’t your leggings?

 Why settle for one-dimensional maternity wear? Especially when there’s Bump Support® Leggings – with a cross-functional design that energizes your legs, supports your belly and back, and – thanks to WonderWeave™ (a Belly Bandit® exclusive) – keeps stretch mark cream on your skin and off your clothes. Talk about having a leg up!


  • WonderWeave™ material helps fight stretch marks by keeping lotion on your belly, not on your clothes
  • Built-in belly support
  • Comfortably smoothes and shapes
  • Stretches and recovers with your growing belly
  • Targeted support, wear over the belly for support and stretch mark care or under the belly for maximum support
  • Includes Palmers® 7oz. Massage Stretch Mark Lotion

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Pregnant customers should go by their pre-pregnancy size, unless their first trimester was a big one, weight-wise. You may have changed dress sizes before you started to show. Each manufacturer, however, has their own quirks. The best way to get the right fit is to know your current numerical dress size, then just apply it to the size chart we have for each item and voila!

The size chart for each item is shown when you pull down the size menu.

The trickiest thing is how to figure out your bra size.  Here's a helpful video from Bravado Designs: