Why do you need specialty sleepwear?

You’re a mod chick – you either sleep nekkid, in an old t-shirt, or in a fab teddy from Victoria’s Secret. Guess what? People will barge into your hospital room and come by your house (if you’re lucky, bearing gifts of food and offering to clean up) and between feeding, changing and rocking your baby, you will be in pjs till well past noon for more than a couple weeks. Even if you’re all alone, nesting as a new family, there’s a very good chance your husband will feel the need to Tweet pictures of you cuddling your newborn, so cute pjs will camouflage your lack of makeup and sleep.

For those of you who think you like to be covered in lots of layers while you sleep, remember that the first few weeks after the baby arrives, that sleep will be very sweaty (you're losing a lot of water weight) so think natural fibers and don’t feel bad if you need to take a towel to bed with you.