Belly Bandit - Bump Support Capri Leggings to Support and Smooth

$ 54.95

We present even more multitasking clothing…. These are the maternity capri leggings you’ve been waiting for! Comfort at its peak, our Bump Support Capri Leggings smooth, shape and support you from the waist down. Pull them up over your belly for an extra lift, supporting your belly and back while energizing your legs. Roll the waistband under your belly for maximum support. Made with our WonderWeave material that keeps body lotions and stretch mark creams on your belly, these leggings are the ultimate in stretch mark therapy. Lather on your favorite lotions and let these capris lock in that moisture to help minimize stretch marks. Our No-Show Tush means you won’t have to worry about layering. We’ve got your back(side) covered with our opaque, interlocking knit fabric. You’ll easily wear these from day to night and over again. Then, once you’ve delivered, our Bump Support Capri Leggings transition into the ultimate postpartum nursing coverage. Yes, we are truly solution based products.

  • 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • ADJUSTABLE - Wear the capri leggings over your bump for belly support and stretch mark care or fold them over to rest under your belly for maximum support.
  • WONDER WEAVE MATERIAL - Helps fight stretch marks and hydrate dry, itchy pregnancy skin by keeping lotions and creams on your body and not on your clothes.
  • BELLY SUPPORT - Build in belly support provides an extra lift for your bump, helping to support your belly and back for all day comfort.
  • SHAPE YOUR FIGURE - These maternity capri leggings smooth and support you from the waist down, shaping your belly, tush, and thighs.
  • NURSING COVERAGE - After delivery, roll up these capri leggings over your belly to get high-waisted coverage while nursing.

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