Nursing Bras

If this is your first pregnancy and baby, you may wonder why on earth you can’t go on wearing your regular bras.

In a word, the answer is contractions. No, not the kind you’ll have during labour, but the daily expansion and contraction of your body. You’re on a journey that starts with conception and continues through weaning during which you will change the size of your body, not only day to day, but during the course of the day. That’s right, expect your body to change between breakfast and dinner. A lot of those changes will center around your breasts and rib cage. So while your “regular” bra may fit you in the first trimester, at a certain point, it will be uncomfortable as all get out. Add to that the fact that anywhere from 64 to 85% of women are wearing the “wrong” bra size, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Here’s how I define the right bra size – one that doesn’t dig into your skin, create either a uniboob or the dreaded quad boob, and doesn’t showcase back fat. So how do our nursing and maternity bras avoid all these pitfalls? By having bands that breathe or even fit a range of sizes, and cups that grow and don’t have underwire that cuts into you (potentially plugging a milk duct) and are actually cute and supportive.