Belly Bandit - The Ultimate Women's Maternity Labor and Delivery Kit

$ 69.95

We are so excited to introduce the Belly Bandit ultimate Labor & Delivery Kit! Designed exclusively for mom-to-be, Belly Bandit has partnered with leaders in the new mom and infant space to create a ready to-go resource. Packed with both essentials and comfort items from top-name brands to take care of mom.

  • ULTIMATE KIT - Belly Bandit ultimate labor and delivery kit is designed exclusively for moms-to-be.
  • MOM ESSENTIALS - Packed with both essentials and comfort items, to ensure that your big day goes well.
  • TOP BRANDS -This unique kit features items from top-name brands in maternity and beauty industry to take care of mom.
  • REUSABLE BAG - All items are self-contained in a stylish canvas and leather bag that can be reused for future deliveries.
  • WE’VE GOT THIS COVERED - When it comes to delivery day essentials, let's just say, it's in the bag!

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