Belly Bandit

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The worst part about the miraculous arrival of your long-awaited newborn is the disappearance of your rock-hard abs.

Okay, they were the size of the average beach ball, but your pregnant tummy was hard, was it not? Lots of cultures deal with this floppy mass of atrophied muscle and fat (hey, it's not pretty -- I'm not trying to sugar-coat things for you!) with some form of binding. The best I was able to do after having my twins was a corset, but that only worked for a week or so, because your belly will shrink. And once the corset is no longer snug, it won't do any good.

The Belly Bandit is the answer! Hailed by moms and even one of my doctors (!), it's even good for after a C-section. But it helps you look and feel good, which is the One Hot Mama mission! Is it some kind of modern miracle? No, not really – belly binding has been around for millennia. But wearing it will make you stand up straighter, which is really half the battle.