Annee Matthew

Annee Matthew maternity and nursing clothes are unique, exquisitely designed pieces of modern maternity and nursing clothing that will make any new mother or mother-to-be feel beautiful.

Annee Matthew uses a combination of rich, colorful fabrics, eco-friendly materials and flattering cuts to make feminine maternity and breastfeeding clothes for all occasions and for many different types of mothers.

This clothing is made of soft, breathable materials that are easy to care for. The supple fabrics and generous cuts are flattering on all types of bodies, so whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or working on getting your pre-baby body back, you can be confident that you will look great. These soft materials have just the right amount of stretch to accentuate curves while still hiding any trouble spots.

To get the most out of your maternity wardrobe, all of the pieces in the Annee Matthew line have discreet nursing openings. Now, it’s easier than ever before to breastfeed your little one in public – anytime, anywhere. Even the evening wear and swim suits are easy to nurse in. These clothes are designed to take you from pregnancy, through breastfeeding, and beyond! The cleverly designed clothing changes with your body, so you’ll always have something beautiful to wear, and the modern styles are in line with the current trends, so it’s never been easier to choose an up-to-date maternity and nursing wardrobe you can feel good about wearing.

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